Pack and unpack in 10 seconds flat

Nobody dreams about unpacking their suitcase when they arrive at their destination. By using the Luggage Shelves simply pull them out at the hotel, hang in a closet or on a door and voila you're unpacked!

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Pack 2 in suitcases or 1 in a carry-on

For long-trips, pack either one or two Riser shelving in a full-size suitcase. Or pack the other half with larger items. On short trips, keep organized by packing your RISER into a carry-on.

Laundry compartment

Use the bottom of the Luggage Shelves to keep your dirty clothes separate from the clean.

Compacts super flat

Take up virtually no extra room in your suitcase, plus it only weighs 24 ounces (one and a half pounds) 

  • Holds up to 50 lbs

  • Adjustable Height

  • Hangs on a Door

  • Hangs on a Drawer

  • Super Strong Metal Hooks

  • Pack in a Suitcase or Carryon

  • Pack your Toiletries

  • Pack your Shoes

  • Easily Flip through

    without even hanging it!

Size Guide

Please note, suitcase is not included. To check the Riser luggage shelf will fit in your suitcase, the opening of your suitcase needs to be at least 12.5" x 17.5"


The Riser is ideal for any kind of travel that is 2-5 days (per Riser). It can be used on small planes, big planes, or even just for a night out.

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You can pack lots in the Riser Luggage Shelves! This is just an idea of what you can pick. Depending on the climate, you can pack more or less.

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