Mom Blog Society - Rise and Hang Travel Bags

December 21st, 2012:


I travel A LOT and while that can be fun and exciting at times, it can also be a drag living out of a bag. The rise and hang bags offer an amazing solution to your ordinary luggage. With built-in collapsible and soft shelving you can easily hang and find your clothing items in a hot minute.

Rise and Hang Gear is perfect for weekend getaways! I absolutely love the convenience.
  • Collapsible Shelving System
  • High Strength Steel Hooks
  • Durable Construction
  • Water Resistant
  • Bottom Hamper for Dirty Clothes
The duffel bag offers three shelves, plus the top and a laundry pouch at the bottom. It also make packing a cinch. Simply hang from your closet and  pack. When you get to your hotel unzip and hang in the hotel closet. It’s really that simple.

I tested this bag with the kiddos. I hung the Rise and Hang duffel bang in their closet and asked them to pack it themselves. They did an amazing and quick job. They even organized the bag just like I would do myself. Well, almost as nice I would do myself. They did stuff in some unfolded clothing. But other than that, they did an amazing job of packing themselves.

Rise and Hang gear is made from quality materials that is durable enough for all travelers alike and we offer a lifetime guarantee. The luggage is available in both the US and Canada.

Fits inside your existing rolling luggage or use by itself as carry-on.

The Rise & Hang Luggage Insert can either be used fit inside of your existing rolling luggage to keep clothes folded and organized or, as a stand alone carry-on with the included shoulder strap. Both come with shoulder straps for easy carrying.

Hang it up in a closet, door, chair or anywhere else you can find to keep it off the floor at an ergonomic height and away from critters such as bed bugs that can be found in drawers.