The Best Apps for Travel Lovers

May 16, 2015

We tend to use our mobile devices for everything and travelling is no different. From planning and booking a trip to finding a great place to eat, there's hundreds or apps and mobile websites that put the power to have your best trip at your fingertips. So get connected to the airport lounge wi-fi and check out our list of some of the best apps for every travel lover.


Trip Advisor

Sometimes a star rating doesn't answer the particulars about what makes a hotel, restaurant, attraction or venue great; and you need real reviews from real people who have already been there. This app gives you access to feedback from travellers all over the world; complete with images and detailed accounts of good and bad experiences. The search function allows you to filter places by establishment type, price, rating and more and you can also add to the database by including your own experiences and helping out another traveller!



This useful app lets you search for the best deals on domestic and international flights; showing you options from every major carrier and allowing you to book directly through the app. If you're not ready to book just yet, you can set alerts for a particular search, notifying you via email when a price rise or drop occurs and giving you the power to decide the perfect time to buy. skyscanner-8211-all-flights-2-0-2-2-screenshot-1


Restaurant, activity and neighbourhood suggestions directly from locals to the city you're travelling to are in the palm of your hands with this helpful app. While guide books and hotel suggestions are always useful, sometimes you prefer to take the road a little less travelled.tumblr_inline_n3da88fmFq1rgnut4


Sometimes travellers want a change from traditional hotel settings, and this app lets you sift through bed & breakfasts, guest homes, apartments and other quirky options (like castles and tree houses) all over the world. A favourite of budget-conscious travellers, listings offering up living room couches aren't uncommon. Airbnb works diligently to ensure the safety of both hosts and travellers, but just be sure to stick to listings that are highly rated and have glowing reviews. Depending on your booking type, your host could be the perfect person to give local suggestions; offering useful insight into the city you'll be visiting. screen322x572

Hotel Tonight

Delays, missed flights and unforeseen circumstances can be a nightmare while travelling, especially if this means you need to find a place a new place to sleep. This app helps you book nearby Hotels at the last minute at the most reasonable price to make sure you don't get left out in the cold! hoteltonight  

Google Goggles

See a cool or important-looking building but too shy to ask a local what it's all about? Open up this app and hold your phone's camera to face it and, if it's famous enough, Wikipedia information about the structure should pop up for you to figure out what you're looking at. google-goggles-1 With these apps, a great trip is closer than ever. Being well prepared and packing in one our Rise Gear  bags make for a great start.

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