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Best Cities To Go If You Love Street Art

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When choosing a destination, we go based on suggestions, research or just natural curiosity. Typically, we have an idea of some of the things that draws us to a particular place and sometimes its food, a particular event, or heading to a world-famous tourist attraction. Between art galleries and museums, it can be easy to miss the art that exists in everyday places; peeking out from alleyways, building stairways and rooftops across the globe. Art comes in many shapes and forms and some cities truly embrace these unconventional artists to provide the perfect backdrop to their dynamic cities. For some awesome photo op inspiration, here are some of the best places to travel to see some breathtaking street art. sao-paulo-034  

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is known the world over for their street art, and the ways in which they play off the city's historic architecture and surroundings. As part of a revitalization project to improve one of the city's less than stellar areas, artists from all over the world were invited to create large-scale murals on abandoned buildings; creating whimsical scenes and characters that could only come from the imagination of an artist. Street-art-LisbonLisbon


Bogota, Colombia

In the last 5 years, city officials have allowed street artists to more or less have free reign to create art on walls, alleyways and everything in between; resulting in the bright and dynamic work that take residence in spaces all over the city. The intricate designs reflect everything from humour to socio-politcal commentary to simply adding beauty to an otherwise concrete landscape , and are as vibrant as they are poignant.Bogota-Graffiti-1-of-1-194Bogota


 Montreal, Canada

Home to a bustling street art scene, Montreal's annual Under Pressure Graffiti Festival has been held each August for the last 19 years as a testament to the community and the empowerment of the artists. Montreal-street-art-Fear-and-Loathing-in-Montreal003


London, UK

Home to some serious street art, you can even find guided tours that take you to some of the city's best pieces. World-renowned artist Banksy is London-based, and his work can be found in many places throughout the city. Bristol-Graffitiqueen-ziggy_2238705b  

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Street art is a mainstay on the walls of Sao Paulo, and are a rainbow-bright nod to Brazil's mix of influences. Intricate pieces depict everything from nature to everyday life in colourful pieces that reflect the city's energetic atmosphere.Talking-Heads-smallStreet-Sao-Paulo

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