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Travel Concepts We Wish Were Real

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HT_windowless_plane_2_sk_141028_16x9_992 Just over 100 years ago, the idea that an object could remain suspended in the air and propel forward for hours was unheard of. The development of planes, trains and even cars has been rapid and and has made the world more connected than ever before. As these developments continue, planned changes are shared with the public all the time; making both occasional and frequent travellers excited for what's to come. While we wait for the day we can teleport in minutes, check out some of these cool travel concepts we wish were real right now.


Purpose:   High speed travel, travel from New York City to Los Angeles in under an hourHyperloop_2640797k

Travelling at speeds of 4000MpH (that's faster than the speed of sound!), this bullet train would make bi-coastal commuting a breeze. It's been described as a "cross between Concorde, a rail gun and an air hockey table” and is actually closer to real life than one would think; logistically anyway. There's no projected completion date yet but the good news is we already know the fare won't break your pocket; with a trip price of "around $100" for those travelling from New York to L.A.

Windowless Plane

Purpose:   To give every passenger a window seat-esque view HT_windowless_plane_2_sk_141028_16x9_992

Before you panic, this plane will not literally be an open-air cabin. Rather, the inside walls would be replaced with high quality, flexible LED screens that will project the surrounding images captured via digital cameras on the outside of the plane; giving the illusion that you're literally flying in the clouds. Structurally, excluding glass windows from the plane will "significantly reduce the weight of the aircraft, saving fuel and therefore reducing operational costs,” according to Centre for Process Innovation, the U.K.-based company currently developing the technology. These lower costs will trickle down to the travellers, they claim, and result in lower airfares.

Smart Seats

Purpose:   To get you in your seat the moment you get to your gate SmartSeat

So this one isn't a concept that's in development; but a corporate prank that preys on our addiction to convenience. Earlier this year, Calgary-based airline WestJet released a video for their new "SmartSeats", allowing passengers to sit in their assigned seats right in the boarding gate. The idea is, these are the actual seats that will be on the plane; already lined up in their correct order. Once the flight is ready for boarding, the seats roll onto the plane before locking into place; carrying you along with it. Eventually, it was revealed to be an April Fool's joke but for the jet lagged, early flight-catching, heavy bag-carrying or otherwise lazy traveller, this would actually be perfect.

...and one we don't: Hexagon Seating

Purpose:  Add more seating without compromising personal space

This one gets an honourable mention but for the opposite reason: we don't want this one to happen! As much as it may help lower the cost of airfare by being able to take more people (the design could cram anywhere from 30 to 80 more people depending on the plane), the potential awkwardness of facing someone for hours on end is too much. While this design boasts 15% more leg room, window and aisle seated passengers will now be face-to-face with someone's yawns, sneezes, and snores from liftoff to landing. It might work well if you're sitting across from someone you know or a friendly, talkative stranger; not so much if it that isn't the case. Yikes! imrs   The developments that occur in the next 100, 25 or even 10 years will hopefully change the way we travel forever; so pack using one of our Rise Gear bags, buckle up and prepare for take off!

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