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5 Genius Accessories For The Seasoned Traveller

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If you travel often, you've likely figured out tons of hacks and time saving tricks to make your trips go smoothly. Often times, there's the perfect product to make your life easy; but you find out about it when it's too late. Here, we compile just a few of our favourite genius accessories for the seasoned traveller.

Laundry & Shampoo Sheets

Whether you pack the week before or the night before, sometimes something small will slip your mind; like the fact that your body wash bottle is just a bit too large to carry onto the plane with you. Avoid all that by bringing along these packs of dissolvable sheets that come in shampoo, body wash, hand soap, shaving cream and laundry soap variations. You can buy them here.


Chat Sim

Avoiding pricey roaming charges when you travel can be tough; and sometimes using a local carrier isn't worth it for the length of your trip. If you mainly want access to texting and chatting, this SIM card, which works on any unlocked phone from around the world, allows travellers to send unlimited texts and instant messages in over 150 countries for the low cost of $10 per year. Features like multi media messaging and calling are available for an additional fee. Get one here!chatsim-chip-para-chatear-desde-cualquier-parte-del-mundo

Mobile Power Pack Charger

Coming in all shapes and sizes, a mobile charger or power pack that can fit easily into a carryon, purse or pocket is important for those trips and outings that an electrical outlet won't be available for a while. These are one of those items you won't know you need until it's too late, so err toward the side of caution on this one! Find one here.

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Bluetooth Name Tag

One of the worst things that can happen in an airport is for any of your luggage to go missing; be it stolen, misplaced or lost in transit. With this nametag, it combines unsuspecting & stylish design with bluetooth technology that connects to your phone and will immediately alert you when it's been moved. While waiting for your bag to come around the luggage carousel, it will also let you know when it's close by. Effective up to a range of 200 feet, when you're too far from your bag, the connecting app will let you know its last recognized location. You can get this piece of peace of mind here


Rise Gear Roller Bag

We couldn't leave this one out! When travelling, keeping your clothes in order is harder than you'd think. Wrinkles, clean and dirty clothes mixed together, or a spot for wet swimsuits are things no traveler wants to spend extra time dealing with during a relaxing vacation or fast-paced business trip. With smooth-rolling wheels and deep outside pockets for easy access to your essentials, the bag easily folds upward into a shelf you can hang on any standard closet rod to keep your clothes organized, wrinkle-free and separated from your dirty clothes; with the base of the bag becoming a hanging laundry hamper! Our whole line of useful bags will change the way you pack and travel with your outfits forever.

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One of the keys to having an enjoyable trip is being as prepared as possible, so add one of these extras along with packing smart in any one of our Rise Gear bags. Happy Travels!

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