Why Montreal Is The Perfect Travel Destination

September 03, 2015

Paris will likely never lose its place as traveller must-see; its amazing food and breathtaking architecture just a few of the reasons the city is one of the most frequently visited in the world. Much closer to home, however Montreal's rich French heritage and European charm make it a great alternative whether you're on a budget or just enjoy taking the road less travelled. Here, we round up just a few reasons to visit this Canadian city, proving why Montreal is the perfect destination!

European Influence

shutterstock_134836577French culture is a large part of Montreal's identity and it manifests itself in more ways than just the language. Remnants of European influence have stayed in tact much more than in any other Canadian city, from the intricate and ornate architecture to the cobblestone streets of old Montreal.

Tons Of Restaurants

2bc09_MTL-a-TABLE-2013-Susan-Moss1 With the most restaurants per capita than anywhere else in North America, it's no wonder that Montreal is known for it's food, from budget meals to fine dining. Whether you stick to old favourites or try something new, Montreal has a unique spin on almost every dish. From French cuisine, Italian, Caribbean & foods from the Middle East and Africa, there's something for every palette in this multi-cultural city.  An absolute must-have? Poutine. There is nothing like having Canada's favourite comfort food in the province it was born in.

So. Many. Festivals.

featureimage1 No matter what you're into there seems to be celebrations for every occasion. There's Montreal Jazz Festival, Fete de Neige, Carifiesta, O'Sheaga Music Festival, La Poutine Week, Nuit Blanche, and the Festival of Quebec Cheeses just to name a few. The great thing about Montreal is that these festivals can be found at any time of year, while most cities are the most fun and event-filled during the months. Head over to tourisme-montreal.org to find a festival that interests you the most!

Underground City

Halles,_Central_train_station,_Montreal_2006-01-09 Almost every city has some kind of underground activity, usually adjacent to a subway system. Montreal has all that and more! You can find everything from shops, to museums, movie theatres, restaurants and universities in this world below the city that spans 33 km of the downtown core. Built in response to Montreal's sometimes sub-zero temperatures, it's a warm alternative to still get around the city and do all the same things you would above ground. Take a real opportunity to explore this vibrant, bustling city that is just as metropolitain as it is historic. No matter how you get there, you'll be well-packed and prepared by using any one of our Rise Gear bags! Happy Travels!

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