5 Must-See Things in Lisbon, Portugal

October 27, 2015

Portugal made the list in our last post about some of the best budget destinations around the world, so it should come as no surprise that we wanted to delve a little deeper into the capital city of Lisbon. Known for its vibrant nightlife, exciting street art and delicious food (especially seafood!), Lisbon is the centre of all things cool in Portugal. Here, we run down just a few things you just have to see, do and eat while you're in Lisbon. lisbon  

Jeronimos Monestary61091382

Built in the 1500s, this church served as an add-on to a larger monastery and is the final resting place of famed explorer Vasco Da Gama; making it a huge part of Portuguese history. The architecture is breathtaking, and it's cloisters are listed as a World Heritage Site.

Parque Das Nacoes


One of the newest parts of the Libson is a modern city-within-a-city, with sleek architecture that provides a contrast to the surrounding areas long and rich history. Built in 2012 for the Lisbon expo, it boasts an aquarium, a waterfront path and casino.



Step into the past a bit by taking a stroll down the winding cobblestone streets of Alfama, also known as Old Lisbon. With its maze of colourful homes, medieval architecture and tiny shops, be sure to stop at one of its many observation decks looking onto the Mediterranean sea.

Berardo Museum


With some of the best in modern and contemporary art on display, the museum houses over 1000 permanent and temporary exhibitions including pieces pulled from the collection of the museum's namesake, Portuguese millionaire José Berardo. Works by Picasso, Andy Warhol, and Salvador Dali among many others can all be found here, and also has a strong focus on Portuguese art in particular. The best part of this museum is that admission is free during all hours of operation - not just off-peaks days or hours.

Mercado da Ribeira-Lisboa


Food, food and even more food. This multi-kiosk food market is one of the best ways to sample the variety and diversity of food in Lisbon. You can find everything from Japanese to Brazilian, Angolan, Chinese among the vendors, in addition to traditional Portuguese fare - meaning it will be heavy on the seafood.

Street Art Tour6992382641_1db78d3737_z

Lisbon is known for it's street art, gracing the walls of sky high buildings to add bright and colourful additions to the city, as well as help revitalize ignored areas. This tour not only shows you the murals and one-offs, but provides backstory and context for each piece so you get a true feel of the art scene.

Next time you're in Portugal, make sure you give yourself lots of time to explore the sights, sounds and tastes of Lisbon. Happy Travels!

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