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How To Pack Smart For A Road Trip

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Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 11.15.55 AM As exhilarating as it can be to catch a flight, nothing says adventure like taking the road head on. Travelling by car means it will take you longer to reach your destination than if you fly, and probably have more than a few stops along the way depending on how far you're headed. You'll have to keep many more things in mind as far as ease of access. You may be able to bring more stuff with you, but will it all fit in your trunk? Can you access your essentials quickly and easily? The type of bag you use to pack will be essential, particularly if there's multiple people and lots of luggage to fit into a trunk or back seat. Skip the hard case and structured bags & go for more flexible options like our jumper or weekender bags. That way, you can squeeze more in if needed, and remove items if you see the need and it will help everything fit together. Don't forget you can also maximize the storage by using the top of your car for large items like sports equipment or excess luggage,  granted you have the appropriate ties and cables to keep them secured. Keep in mind, if there are multiple bags packed together in your your trunk or on top of your car, don't fill them with items that you'll need sooner than later. Things like your wallet, passport, blankets, mobile devices or laptops should be in the car with you since you'll reach a point where you need it anyway.  The upside to a road trip is you have access to your bags in case of emergency at all points during your trip. However, care needs to be taken that you still have all your essentials inside the car so you're not constantly pulling over - especially if you aren't the one driving or are on a specifically timed driving schedule. Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 11.15.46 AMBecause of the extended nature of most road trips, it's important to wear some of your most comfortable clothes in the car and save the fancy stuff for later. Having sweatpants packed at the bottom of your duffel bag instead of on will not be as useful as you think after hour 9 on the road. The same goes for snacks. Try (as best you can) to go for healthy snacks & drinks and keep them in in a cooler inside the car so they all stay fresh and everyone can get to them. Car chargers will be imperative and can generally accommodate the USB cords of any mobile device, so everyone along for the ride can stay charged up. It's also useful to keep a fully stocked First Aid kit somewhere in the car - perhaps the glove compartment if it can fit. As useful as mobile GPS can be, it might be a better idea to have a standalone GPS device to help you navigate, so your phone is freed up for emergency calls. This will keep the battery charged longer if it's not in constant use. All in all, take advantage of the road less travelled but prepare yourself well before you go. Happy Travels!  

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