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What Should Be On Your Travel Bucket List?

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Whether it's for adventure, learning, studying or self-discovery, everyone travels to new places for different reasons; and sometimes it's all of the above. Travelling not only allows us to experience the world from a new perspective, but we get a better understanding of ourselves and how we deal with change, newness, and unique atmospheres. With the plethora of flight and travel deal websites around, it's easy to book a trip to wherever has the latest deal or cheapest special without much thought. While seeing the world is always a fulfilling experience, there's usually specific cities, regions, or specific experiences that fuel a passion for travel; a first glimpse that triggers our wanderlust more than anything else. It's important to have a travel bucket list, setting goals for yourself that will inevitably change as you see, experience and do more. Having a bucket list keeps you organized especially for shorter trips where you need to maximize your time & fit in as much as possible. Going to a new country with a plan in mind (particularly if you aren't travelling alone) will help you get the most from your experience. It's important to understand that since people have different travel goals, it's easy to get caught up in someone else's plans and miss out on an opportunity you would have otherwise enjoyed. Whether you're looking for the biggest party or to brave the natural elements, there's "must sees" for everyone. Here are just a few of our favourite bucket list items! Adventure77 For the adventurer who loves nature & high adrenaline, much of the world is fair game. Snorkelling in the waters of the Galapagos islands - located 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador - is perfect for those who want to get up close and personal with tropical ocean life. You can also go kayaking, horseback riding and surfing in the area. For lovers of wildlife, it's a great way to observe all types of animals much close than anywhere else - respectfully of course. Boasting some of the best beaches in the world, you can easily relax as well as take on all of the high energy adventure activities you can handle. Historytaj-mahal-india-150202 Lovers of ancient history can go just about anywhere to get their fix of stories and tales from a by-gone era. There's India's Taj Mahal - built in the 1600s as a tomb of an Empress. There's Machu Picchu, the centre of the Incan civilization in Peru that was abandoned after Spanish conquest. Located at one of the highest peaks in the country, it's possible to reach without taking a train or making a 4-day walking trek. And of course, there are the ever-iconic pyramids of Egypt; extravagant tombs that have been standing for thousands of years as a testament to innovation. With the amount of theories surrounding exactly how these massive structures were built with the lack of modern technology, it's something you must see for yourself. 250px-Orange_Carnival_Masqueraders_in_TrinidadCelebration To experience one of the largest most high energy parties in the world, head to Trinidad & Tobago's annual Carnival, falling just before Lent in early to mid-February. Bright colours, savoury foods, the pulsing sounds of Soca music & plenty of rum will be all around you in the days of large outdoor parties, called fetes, leading up to the a parade on the Monday before Ash Wednesday. The whole country essentially prepares all year making elaborate costumes for the event, and the colourful outfits are split up into bands and sections representing both historical and contemporary themes and fashion inspirations. Everyone's bucket list will look a little different; which is the beauty of travel. With all the options of things to see, eat, visit, and do- the possibilities for experience the globe are endless. No matter what adventure your embark on, be sure to be well prepared with Rise Gear luggage  

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