Holiday Markets Around The World

December 03, 2015

Karlsruher Christkindlesmarkt 1With the holidays quickly approaching, some serious shopping is already underway for that perfect gift for all the people in our lives. Though a Rise Gear bag should be at the top of everyone's list whether they travel a little or a lot, there's tons of other creative and thoughtful gifts you can give during this season. One of the best places to get truly unique gifts are Holiday Markets. All over the world, local businesses, artisans and other creators converge to set up shop in some of the largest Holiday Marketplace, temporarily setting up shop in cities and towns for days or weeks. What's more is that in addition to the vendors, anywhere from 50 - over 200, the sights and sounds of the holidays take centre stage. Lights, trees, decorations and music typically fill the air and it's easy to get right into the swing of the Holiday season after going to one. Here are just a few of the best holiday markets from around the world.


Nuremberg, Germany | November 27–December 24, 2015


Essentially the Mother of all Christmas Markets, many others around the world are modelled after it. With over 180 booths, there are plenty of food, drink, souvenir, art and clothing vendors to choose from. The origins are mostly unknown, but some speculate it got its start as a weekly market in the 1600s. Running right up to Christmas Eve (unless it falls on a Sunday, then it ends a day early), the market gives you all the time you need to find the perfect gift.

Fira De Santa Llucia

Barcelona, Spain | November 27–December 23, 2015


With nearly 300 booths to choose from, this market is one of the largest in Europe, selling everything from decorations and treats to Christmas trees for those who still need one. You can even take a much-needed break from shopping to enjoy one of the many choir singing or dance performances. Probably the best day to go is December 13th, which is the Day of Santa Llúcia. With even more performances than usual, there's also a parade to watch in addition to all the great shopping there is to do.

Toronto Christmas Market

Toronto, Canada | November 20 - December 20

Toronto Christmas Market

Combining old world charm with a modern flair, this market is located in the city's historic distillery district and features all the lighting and decor one would expect to come with the Holiday season; including a giant Christmas tree in the middle of the fair.. With beer gardens and lounges available for guests to warm up, there are a plethora of beers, wine and hot rum rinks to pick from to help. Local vendors and booths share the space with existing vendors in the area, who keep their doors pen late to accommodate (and take advantage of) the extra foot traffic.

Manchester Christmas Market

Manchester, England | November 14–December 21, 2015

manchester christmas market

With approxtimately 300 stalls of an array of vendors, the Manchester Christmas Market is broken down into nine areas so it's easy to find what you're looking for. An assortment of vendors form all over the UK and the rest of Europe come to sell everything from handcrafted bags, homemade jams to liqueurs. You can enjoy cuisine from tons of different countries and stay warm with French-style hot chocolate. As part of an environmentally conscious program, all drinks in the market come in returnable mugs, so you may be better off bringing your own mug!

Christmas Village

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  | November 26–December 27

christmas village philadelphia

Transforming the famous LOVE park into a traditional German Christmas market every year is no small feat, and you can find almost anything at Christmas Village. In addition to savoury and sweet foods from local vendors all over the city, you can also buy drinks, handcrafted jewellery, decorations and ornaments, arts & crafts and an array of clothing, accessories and other holiday gifts. Being located in a such a heavily populated tourist spot means tons to see and do. In addition to vendors, live performances and demonstrations can be found throughout the market.

No matter where you choose to go, be sure to pack all your worldwide finds in your Rise Gear luggage!

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