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Travel Trends for 2016 and Beyond

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Airport-terminalWith 2015 coming to a close, it's only right we start looking to next year for our next adventure. Whether you have your holiday-into-New Year trips planned out already or not, we can all learn something from the upcoming trends in travel.

Recently, world renowned travel writers and bloggers were surveyed about upcoming trends in travel and had a few destinations in mind that will be the next go to hot spots in 2016. Topping the list was Iceland. From the natural wonders of the Blue Lagoon and seeing the Northern lights, to the modern architecture and aesthetic of capital city Reykjavik, there's so much Iceland has to offer. Already tourist hubs, China and Japan were next on the list - proving that the wonders of Asia are too much to ignore. In addition, with Cuba finally opens its borders back up to the United States, travel to the island is set to double in 2016.

adventure-travelWith booming African economies, there is more infrastructure than ever before to support these burgeoning travel hot spots, with Nigeria high on the list. As the cultural reach of the country's film industry continues to spread, Nigeria's former capital (and Africa's largest city) Lagos will become the go-to place for those looking to explore film locales, nightlife and celebrity hangouts.

More than ever before, we're seeing a spike in travel - especially of the adventure variety, thanks to social media. Social media is undoubtedly the biggest shaper of travel industry, and this will continue well into 2016 and beyond. Across various platforms, travellers are virtually consulting their favourite bloggers, photographers and content creators and digitally following them around the globe to help nudge them into their own adventures. Not only are these creators acting as inspiration, but as a helpful resource in terms of figuring out where to go next.

This has also sparked a rise in more unconventional, adventure and experience-based travel. More and more, even occasional/holiday travellers are moving away from the all-inclusive model and into richer & more culturally connected options all thanks to social media. Finding out about less popular locations and cheaper ways to travel more often are just a few ways this has started - and will continue to happen in the years to come.

4540cc36bfde59ac2bd9d1d9afc964b4As more millennials search to strike a balance between work and play, more are opting to travel while also working. Those fortunate enough to have an employer open to letting them work remotely are taking advantage it -  needing only a strong wi-fi connection and a desk anywhere to stay on track. Access to the internet is important for more than just getting work done, it could mean the different  between a good and bad trip. Mobile devices and apps will continue to make the travel experience seamless and almost stress-free, allowing everyone to be their own travel agent and guide. From booking flights, to using maps and services like Uber and Lyft to get around, the key to your perfect travel experience is in the palm of your hand and 2016 will likely see even more improvements to existing apps as well as new ones to make the whole thing even easier.

No matter where you're headed in 2016, make sure you're well prepared and pack all your essentials in your Rise Gear luggage. Happy Travels!

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