How To Pull Off The Perfect Winter Getaway

January 04, 2016

The winter months pose an interesting travel conundrum for many travellers. As the holidays wind down and the temperature continues to drop, it's the perfect time for a quick or short getaway to escape not only the cold but the post-holiday routine.

Warm It Uptropical_island_getaway_by_resresres-d5ru80k

Typically, travellers look to warm countries to get out of a winter rut, recharge their batteries so to speak and come back refreshed and ready to take on the rest of the season. There are a whole host of places all around the world you can head to to get your heat fix - from Central and South America, the Caribbean, South & South East Asia, Australia, and anywhere in Africa. If budgets are important to you, book your travel time for after the holiday and New Years rush dies down and prices begin to fall for flights, hotels and more around mid-to-late January. As tempting as all-inclusive resorts may be, try your hand at slightly more unconventional places to stay - like guest houses and hostels depending on where you're going. Not only will this save you money, but you'll also have a much more personal and enriched travel experience.

Explore A Littlebarcelona-ramblas_1760496b

There's many places that, while they may not have year-round summer-like temperatures, they experience much milder winters than many parts of North America and Europe. Much of the Southern United States, for example sees conditions that range between tropical climates in states like Florida to temperatures that dip slightly lower but rarely go below 50°F in places like Texas or Georgia. Many of those places almost never see ice or snow the way most of the more Northern states do. Barcelona is typically much milder than other parts of Spain and the rest of Europe, while Vancouver is known for it's mild winters that pale in comparison to many other places in Canada. Check to see what typical seasonal temperatures are like in a region you're looking to go to. If you're willing to brave some moderate cold to explore some of these locales, you will likely save money as well - as the "peak season" for these places would still be their much warmer months.

Winter Wonderlandski-resortes4

A popular option for many travellers is not trying to escape the cold at all - but embrace it. Travellers who enjoy winter sports like skiing, snowboarding, mountain climbing and more flock to destinations like Whistler, Lake Tahoe, Switzerland and Iceland to experience all the best that ski and snow resorts have to offer. These locations usually go strong all year, but the holiday season is the peak travel time so try to book your travel after it's over. This works best for those who are completely unafraid of cold weather, snow or any of the activities that can be done best in colder months. There's still plenty of opportunity to warm up, with many destinations in Iceland being known for their hot springs. No matter how you choose to spend your winter getaway, be sure you're well prepared and pack using one of our Rise Gear bags. Happy Travels!

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