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World's Most Unique Guest Houses

Over the last few years, guest house rental has become one of the most popular lodging options for travellers - whether they're on a budget or looking for a more interesting travel experience that you may not find heading to tourist hotspots and expensive hotels. One of the best things about renting guest houses are the truly unique and interesting spaces you can find to stay in that can have just as much art, history and personality as the world outside the door. Here, we look at just a few of the most unique guest houses found on Airbnb. Magic School Bus...

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World's Most Romantic Destinations

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, plenty of travellers have already made plans to head to locations all over the world to celebrate. While everyone's idea of romance is a little different, there are a few things that are pretty consistent across the board to set the mood. A good thing to keep in mind with some of these destinations, particularly the Caribbean, will be more expensive in the days leading up to Valentine's Day because of how popular it is for couples to head there. So, if you're looking to book a trip that's more adventure than romance  -...

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Why It's Important To Get Travel Insurance

When planning any trip, being prepared for anything is something that crosses our minds in more ways than one. From packing early enough to triple check what we're bringing with us to getting to the airport with enough time to check in, thinking ahead is an important part of travel that ensures everything will go smoothly. Often times, in making sure that our trip goes off without a hitch, it's easy to leave out something that can definitely protect us if things were to go wrong: insurance. For some, travel insurance seems unnecessary; just an extra expense that adds to...

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Protecting Yourself From In-Flight Theft

Unfortunately, travelling can be risky business if you're not careful and in-flight theft is something travellers have to seriously consider. We usually have our guards up for what goes down in airport lounges and luggage carousels, but tend to feel like the plane is a safe haven where everyone is just trying to reach their destination. It's important to take extra precautions with your luggage so you reach your destination with everything you took off with. Here are just a few of our tips. Keep Everything Close One of the best defences from theft is keeping your valuable posses close at hand...

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Why You Should Explore Bali in 2016

As the cold weather in much of the world continues, there are still a handful of places that are very much a warm paradise. Bali, one of the many Indonesian islands, is the perfect place for an exotic getaway filled with sun, sand, vibrant culture and amazing food. Here are just a few reasons to check Bali off your bucket list in 2016. Weather Being in such close proximity to the equator means all-year warm climates. This tropical and humid climate essentially makes it summer all year. Though Bali doesn't have a variation in seasons in the expected sense, there...

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