Bundle Discounts

We offer pre-made bundles because we want you to create your own and pick the items in your bundle that you want! Any product (except Color Cards and Gift Cards) can be included in a bundle.

These discounts are awesome because they are in ADDITION to any other sale or coupon code you have!

  • 2 bags you will save an additional 10% off
  • 3-4 bags you will save an additional 15% off
  • 5-9 bags you will save an additional 20% off
  • 10+ bags you will save an additional 25% off

Creating your bundle is easy!

  1. Go to the first product of your choice
  2. Under the "+CART" button you will see "Add a Second Bag for 10% off"
  3. Select the second bag you would like to add to the first product
  4. Once the second bag is selected, it will say "ADDED!"
  5. (Optional, you can select a third, fourth, fifth..etc bag to the bundle)
  6. Click the "+CART" button and add your custom bundle to your cart!

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