RISE gear offers the best and easiest way to stay organized on your trip, no matter where you are going! We work very hard in providing you with the best bag that offers mobile organization for all your travel needs, and at a reasonable price.


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When flying by airplane for business, you are usually only travelling for a day or two. Pack your RISE gear quickly and easily from your closet straight to shelves, zip closed and go.  At the destination, just unzip your bag, and hang your shelves, instantly unpacked!


Hotel travel is a whole other animal from flying. You get to pack as much as you can fit in your car and there are no baggage fees. But the thing about hotels is, no matter if it's a 5-star hotel or not, the drawers never get cleaned. Who wants to put their clothes into that mess? RISE bags are the best for this because you just hang the bag up in the closet and it keeps it out of the drawers and up off the floor.


If you are planning on driving across the country in your car or an RV, RISE gear has you covered. 


Why carry around a boring old knapack when you can use the Glider to keep all your stuff organized!


It's inevitable, when you spend a weekend or a week camping, your clothes are a disaster. RISE gear will make that better by keeping all your stuff in one place in the tent and easily accessible. 


When you go to the cottage and already spend the long drive (and boat ride) to get there, the last thing you want to do is unpack. So grab your RISE gear bag and just hang it up in the closet and you're ready to relax!


Why do more work on your vacation than you have to? RISE gear will get your unpack and on the beach in 10 seconds flat. Just don't forget the sunscreen!


Nothing beats the freedom of the open road on a bike. But having little space on your saddle bags and stopping each night at motels is a chore. The Jumper is just small enough and works great and fits in many different saddle bags.


Ah, the open seas (or lakes). Get out there or jump right in with our Jumper bag that works well in most boats and cruise ships due to it's compact size.


What perfect place for a RISE bag! Keep your dirty sweaty clothes separate in the hamper from your clean post-workout clothes on your way to work or home.