JOYUS Shelving Insert

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JOYUS Shelving Insert

Your Home Away from Home!

The Joyus Shelving Insert is a joint project teaming up with It is very similar to the Riser Shelving Insert, except in a black colorway. Features our unique patent pending shelving design with the built-in laundry hamper and 3 shelves. Top shelf has a divider to separate under garments.


Joyus Deals

Default Title Bundle: (2x) JOYUS Shelving Insert $118.00 $69.00 42% off! You save $49.00
Default Title JOYUS Shelving Insert $59.00 $49.00 17% off! You save $10.00
Default Title Carton of JOYUS Shelving Insert, Wholesale - (10x) units per carton $590.00 $298.00 49% off! You save $292.00

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